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Lucia Di Lammermoor

In a feud between the Scottish families of Ravenswood and Lammermoor, Enrico, who is head of the Lammermoor clan has gained the upper hand over Edgardo of the Ravenswood clan, exterminating his kinsmen and taking over his estates. By the time of the opera's action, Enrico's fortunes have begun to wane; in political disfavour, he stakes all on uniting his family with that of Arturo Lord Buclaw whom he means to force his sister, Lucia, to wed.

Act I

Scotland, late 1600's

Scene I: The grounds of Ravenswood Castle

Normanno, the captain of the guard, sends the men to search for an intruder who has been seen in the grounds. Enrico is angry that Lucia refuses Arturo's hand. Raimondo, the chaplain, protests that she is mourning her mother but Normanno says she is in love with Edgardo and meets him every day. Enrico swears revenge.

Scene II: Near a fountain

Lucia, waiting for Edgardo, tells Alisa of seeing the ghost of a lover of an earlier Ravenswood. The spectre has beckoned to her from the fountain. Alisa takes this as a tragic omen, but Lucia insists that she can be happy only with Edgardo. He appears and tells her that he has to leave for France but wishes to ask her brother for her hand before leaving. She begs him to keep their love secret. They pledge their faith and exchange rings.

Scene III: A room in the Lammermoor Castle

Months have elapsed. During this time Normanno has intercepted all of Edgardo's letters to Lucia, while Enrico plans his sister's marriage to Lord Arturo Bucklaw. Enrico calls Lucia to his apartment and shows her a letter (a forgery) indicating that Edgardo is faithless. Lucia is forced to agree to marry Arturo in order to save the family fortunes.

Scene IV: The Great Hall

The wedding guests are gathered. Enrico assures Arturo that any signs of unhappiness in Lucia are due to her sorrow for her mother's death. Just as Lucia signs the wedding contract Edgardo appears to claim her hand. Raimondo shows him the contract, and when Lucia admits to signing it Edgardo tears his ring from her finger and insults the family. Before his anger explodes, Raimondo hurries him from the hall.

Act II

Scene I: A chamber in the tower of Wolf's Crag

Desipte a raging storm, Enrico has come to challenge Edgardo to a duel. Edgardo readily accepts. Each is eager to avenge their family's honour. They agree to meet among the tombs of Ravenswood at sunrise.

Scene II: The Great Hall

As the wedding guests celebrate, their merriment is interrupted by Raimondo, who tells them that Lucia has gone mad and killed Arturo. Lucia appears searching for Edgardo. In her madness she imagines her wedding to him only to be separated from him by the spectre. When Enrico returns, she mistakes him for Edgardo and begs his forgiveness. She asks him to lay flowers on her tomb.

Scene III: The tombs of Ravenswood

Unaware of the tragic outcome of Lucia's marriage, Edgardo roams gloomily among the tombs of his ancestors. He anticipates an end to his own life which is empty without his beloved. Learning of Lucia's Death, he mourns her, and then kills himself. As he dies, he sings that he and Lucia will finally be joined together by God in heaven.

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